Artist: Jin Haofan

Normal temperature – a floating range that defines the boundaries of real-time moments, emphasizing the perception of change at the moment while also suggesting the limits of change, but the limitations themselves are also unpredictable. Personal perception has long been the theme of Jin Haofan’s works, and has been further explored in his latest series.

The artist gradually gave up his repetitive attempts trying to solidify every “moment” in the moment and began to find a new measurement method in his creation to observe real life and self-perception.

This practice is directly reflected in the work tilted the same as the exhibition, “Normal Temperature”: by depicting an unlimited number of stones, it dispelled the obsession of narrative and smoothed out the overly functional expressions.

The similar forms with subtle differences of the stones refer to the normal state of change. Normal, at the same time, under the premise of being freely arrangable, the boundary of change is expressed in a cognitively embarrassing situation.

In the “container” series, Jin made the same attempt: the pot shaped objects that were open and waiting to be filled were placed in the foreground with a specific atmosphere of personal perceptions in the background– the immatureness in a restless summer in “Container-2”, or the seashore with temperamental weather hinted in “Container-1”. Jin Haofan tries to present the ups and downs in the search of fragmental perceptions, and understand the game between the impermanence of reality and the pursuit of self-integrity in order to explore the invisible boundary of life,the rhythm of “normal”.

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