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Three-Dimensional Artworks

French street artist Scaf creates mind-blowing, large-scale 3D illusions and urban interventions.

Wielding his spray can like a weapon, French street artist Scaf slices across city walls and transforms them into something magical with his trompe l’oeil graffiti.

His creatures, which range from ferocious dinosaurs to snakes and skeletons, seem to emerge from two-dimensional surfaces to take over their environment.

The work is made that much better by the whimsical photographs that Scaf takes of each piece.

Using spray paint, he creates 3D masterpieces that trick the eye.

In order to highlight his graffiti in the best way possible, Scaf actually interacts with his art.

Whether it’s dressing as a caveman to sit next to a dinosaur skeleton or feeding a rat a giant piece of cheese, his presence in the images is a spectacular finishing touch.

His sense of humor is deeply connected with his art, as he hopes that through his work people will get in touch with their inner child and be transported to a different world.

On a technical level, Scaf’s work is precise. His understanding of angles and perspective allows him to create 3D illusions from flat surfaces with ease.

Always pushing himself to new levels, Scaf is constantly thinking of new subjects and scenarios to paint in order to delight the viewer.

His success as an artist has also led him to start his own company, Grafo Deco, where he offers his services to private clients and businesses.

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